Incredible Spreadable™ Incredible Spreadable™

Incredible Spreadable™ Smoothing Salt Body Scrub

Smoothing Sugar plus soothing Salt gently buff away rough, dry skin, then transform into a creamy, cleansing lather. Leaves skin soft, refreshed, reinvigorated. Lightlly scented with uplifting Spearmint and Orange.
Bath & Body Besties Bath & Body Besties

Bath & Body Besties Cozy Comforts

Turn your shower into a home-spa with Origins softly scented, skin softening stars. Ginger Soufflé Whipped Body Cream 125 ml. A cozy cocoon of softness for skin and senses. Ginger Burs Savory Body Wash 100 ml. Lather up and get tangy. Smoothing Soufflé Whipped Body Cream 125 ml. Refresh, revive, revitalize with invigorating aroma and velvety softness. Salt Suds Foaming Body Wash 100 ml. Shower in softness with mineral-enriched Dead Sea Salts and gobs of lather.
진저 인크레더블 스프레더블 진저 인크레더블 스프레더블

진저 인크레더블 스프레더블 스무딩 진저 바디 스크럽

매끄러운 바디 피부를 유지해주는 진저 향의 바디 스크럽. 건조하고 각질이 생겨 거칠어진 피부를 부드럽고 매끄럽게 만들어 줍니다. 진저 아로마의 상쾌한 향이 감각을 자극합니다.
Salt Suds™ Salt Suds™

Salt Suds™ Foaming Body Wash

Mineral-enriched Dead Sea Salts, cushioned in creamy cleansers creates a lush, frothy lather to shower you in silky-softness. Purifies and brightens skin, too. And the rousing aroma of Peppermint, Spearmint, Orange and Rosemary revives and refreshes you from top to toe.
Ginger Body Scrub™ Ginger Body Scrub™

Ginger Body Scrub™ Smoothing Body Buffer

Skin-scouring Dead Sea Salts and warming Ginger Zest cushioned in emollient-rich Macadamia, Soybean, Kukui Nut and Sweet Almond Oils removes all traces of roughness to buff every bit of you.